Distributors and Resellers

Magic’s independent distributors, value-added distributors (VADs), and  vertical resellers (VARs) bundle Magic products with other services and products to address specific IT needs. They extend the reach of our solutions by offering them to new industries, markets, and customers, aligning them with hardware, networking solutions, customer application software, project management, consulting services, and software integration services.

For almost 30 years Magic has been working through the worldwide channel network, providing solutions that are used by many thousands of customers in over 50 countries. We offer special programs for our distributors, including product training, tools, and resources, to help you deliver complete solutions to our mutual customers.

How to Become a Magic Value-added Distributor and/or Reseller?

As a Magic VAD and/or VAR, you can choose to join the specific Magic Partner Program best suited to your size and markets. To become a Magic Value-added Distributor and/or Reseller or to request more information about Magic Partner Programs, contact us now at one of our offices or submit the online form.