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  • 04/06/2018 - Mobile and social are dominant forces in SA retail

    By: Kerry Hope

    Virtual shopping is becoming the norm. Using our mobile devices to window shop and find the best price, product reviews, and advice through social media has reinvented the shopping experience.

  • 04/05/2018 - The race to launch driverless trucks

    By: Stephan Romeder

    The US and Europe are competing to be the first to unleash autonomous trucks on the highways.

  • 03/14/2018 - Magic Launches xpi 4.7, Renews Salesforce Partnership

    By: CIO Today

    Magic Software announced the launch of Magic xpi 4.7, a solution that enables organizations to quickly adapt to changing technologies and business conditions, while providing a multi-point low code solution that aims to lower IT development and operational costs associated with integration.


    By: Stephan Romeder

    Leveraging data to be Customer-Centric

  • 02/28/2018 - The Must-Dos, and Must-Don’ts, of CRM Data Integration

    By: Cathy Sands

    Here's how to keep system integration project management on track.

  • 02/22/2018 - Building a case for data integration in the mining industry

    By: Kerry Hope

    The complexity of the mining industry presents unique information management challenges. The volatility of prices, environmental concerns and stringent regulatory frameworks make mining processes extremely complex and difficult to manage.

  • 02/20/2018 - Delivering Top-Notch Online Customer Experiences

    By: Javier Jimenez

    Personalized digital services depend on data integration

    Enabling an excellent e-commerce customer experience (CX) is a top priority for many companies. This is especially important as sales are becoming increasingly digital. Online shopping sales hit a record $108.2 billion this holiday season, a 14.7 percent increase from last year, according to Adobe Analytics.

  • 02/12/2018 - The 7 benefits of CRM-ERP integration

    By: MyCustomer

    How well does your business know its customers? The answer may depend on your CRM-ERP integration.

    Together, these systems track all of the critical touch-points along the customer journey.

    CRM deals with front-end information, such as recording customer interactions, sales tracking, pipeline management, prospecting, and managing marketing campaigns. ERP software handles critical backend processes, including purchase history, billing and shipping details, accounting information, financial data, and supply chain management details.

  • 01/30/2018 - Connected trucks: All the data, all the possibilities

    By: FleetOwner

    Safety on the highways relies on massive data integration

  • 01/02/2018 - Making Field Service a Revenue Center

    By: Javier Jimenez

    When field service processes run smoothly, customers are happy and loyal and profits increase. And when service calls are managed properly, field service is transformed from a cost center to a revenue center.

    But optimizing field service processes requires well-executed system integration. Automating systems and business processes cuts down on redundant processes and makes field service personnel much more efficient.