Magic xpi Analytics Data Hub (Knowi) is a unified analytics platform for your modern data stack
Seamlessly blend SQL, and NoSQL data together, visualize important information and generate resulting insights in minutes.

Putting together business intelligence and artificial intelligence in a unified analytics platform,
Knowi’s all-in-one analytics platform enabling business intelligence teams to combine insights and foresights to trigger data-driven actions that matter.

Artificial Intelligence and Trigger Data-Driven Actions: With Knowi Artificial Intelligence, you can integrate machine learning algorithms directly into your data analytics workflows and automatically trigger actions based on resulting calculations. You can integrate your custom algorithms or library of connectors.

Manufacturing Data Analytics

Data as a service: any data,
anywhere for anyone.

Today’s enterprise data stacks are a mix of diverse data sources that are constantly evolving. Knowi and xpi fully integrates to a wide range of these sources and systems including SQL, NoSQL, ERP, CRM, MES, WMS, SCM, EDIs, flat files, OPC, MQTT and more, to provide data engineers and data scientists can instantly turn into meaningful insights.

Machine learning for data analysts

Magic Knowi analytics data hub offers a set of “Step-By-Step” tools enabling data analysts to harness the power of machine learning tools for solving both supervised and non-supervised data analytics problems in a fraction of the time and the cost.

Constant feedback loop

Magic Knowi analytics data hub enables feeding machine learning insights and analytic results back into the legacy systems, basing decisions on accurate data and generating automatic informed business processes and increasing business performance.

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