6 Enterprise Mobility Priorities of Highly Effective CIOs Running Oracle EBS

To align your enterprise mobility priorities properly, you need to look at what the most effective IT organizations do to manage the challenges of enterprise mobility complexity, security, scalability, offline connections, and resource demands. 

This webinar is based on Glenn Johnson’s eBook: "6 Enterprise Mobility Priorities of Highly Effective CIOs Running Oracle EBS." 

In this webinar, you will learn even more about:

  • Three (3) keys of governance to make sure your teams are building secure apps
  •  Four (4) best practices in mobile app integration with back-end and legacy systems
  •  Three (3) essentials of in-memory computing for handling mobile Big Data
  •  Planning for lost connections with offline mode apps
  •  Reducing the demand for skilled development resources without sacrificing app quality
  • Three (3) keys of mobile device management selection.

Plus, we demonstrate Oracle EBS integration.