Future of Field Service Management. IoT: Connecting the Dots Via Integration

The need for digital transformation as a growth enabler is changing the way companies do business and how they service their customers.  Connected devices (IoT) and Big Data Analytics are poised to drive lower cost of service, higher efficiency, and optimized delivery.

However, realizing those benefits is challenging: what would a service organization need to do to easily Connect the Dots? What are the steps of digital transformation in field service? With numerous devices and data sources, how do you close all of the data silo gaps and utilize new technologies to enhance your field service center?

We will examine key decisions and best practices to leverage modern integration tools that will provide greater customer visibility and help deliver a more effective predictive maintenance strategy.

You’ll Learn:

  • Proactive service – how to move from break-fix to proactive and even predictive service models
  • Redefining ‘service’ – how proactive use of data is revolutionising the service industry
  • Moving forward – how the latest technologies including mobility, cloud, integration and big data are transforming field service management
  • Intelligent end-to-end field service