IoT: How data becomes business-relevant information

With 20.8B connected things expected to be in use worldwide by 2020, the "Internet of Things" (IoT) offers huge potential for many industries including manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, security and more. Collecting, aggregating and analyzing this massive amount of data is imperative for enterprises looking to act on real-time insights. In this Webinar, you’ll discover how the IoT environment and machine-generated data can be turned into business-relevant information.


Machines generate data, but it is not always easy to access and evaluate this data within existing business processes. With the solution from Magic, data streams from production plants can be integrated into company applications, and data stream from connected devices. With Big Data Analytics can drive the lower cost of service, higher efficiency, and optimized service delivery, to name a few. Predictive Maintenance, Industry 4.0, the integration of suppliers via supplier block chains in the sense of a fully automated and distributed process chain are additional possible solutions.


Join us and see how integration platforms and smart IoT solutions can contribute to increasing efficiency and quality in multiple industries.


You’ll Learn:


• IoT, IIoT and digital transformation

• How IT is changing the landscape of business

• Understanding and considering business processes going digital

• Machine data solutions

• Production Components - ERP, MES, IoT

• Automation then and now