MagicDeveloper.NET Brown Bag Conference

Join our VP of Technology & Innovation, Yuval Lavi for the 5th Annual Magic Software Developer.NET Brown Bag Conference - held in New Orleans, Louisiana. This user created event will be hosted by Coe & Company and will have 3 days packed with Magic software technical speakers PLUS a Beginners Track during part of the conference.

Planned topics are (subject to change):

  1. Magic xpa Web Client: installing, configuring and working with it! (Attendees will receive an extended eval license)
  2. Magic xpa 3.2d
  3. Mobile Apps with Magic xpa 3.x
  4. Version Control - TFS, Git and others
  5. xpa 3 and .Net (why, how and actual live client examples)
  6. The Magic Engine - why and how
  7. UP to xpa conversions
  8. Beginners training track
  9. VAR() Functions
  10. Exporting data from Magic
  11. My Magic Problem - Round Table Discussion
  12. Databases - Pervasive to SQL Server - a Real Life Example
  13. Cloud - why and how
  14. HTML5
  15. JIRA type tools - Scrum or KanBan
  16. Magic Shoot-Out - show off your best stuff

Details and planning on the event can be found here.