Segafredo-Zanetti Perks Up with Mobile Direct Store Delivery App from Magic and Danem

Segafredo Zanetti

"We are very satisfied with the app. The agile collaboration and efficiency of the entire team, including Danem and Magic, enabled the project to be delivered on time and within budget."

Jean-Francis Caharel, Project Director, Segafredo-Zanetti France




The Project

Industry: Industrial Goods
Magic Solution: Magic xpi Integration Platform with SAP B1 connector, NegosCloud Mobile App from partner Danem, and Professional Services
  • Mobile app on Samsung tablets
  • Integrate SAP B1 with mobile solution
  • Online + Offline functionality
  • Real-time data synchronization
  • Tight deadlines


  • Replace old mobile app 
  • Make sellers’ jobs easier, faster and more interactive
  • Add new features
  • Enable users to get and give information when offline 



  • Digitally transformed sales and distribution processes
  • Enabled on-site impulse purchases
  • Sales documents generated are automatically integrated in SAP
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Speedier sales and deliveries 
  • Real-time sales & inventory data
  • Improved customer experience (sales and service)
  • Improved perception (innovative)