HL7 Integration with Magic xpi

Magic xpi Integration Platform delivers code-free, enterprise-grade integration, business process automation, and data synchronization solutions, enabling you to quickly complete your business-critical integration projects and benefit from an immediate return on your investment.


HL7 Integration

Magic xpi for HL7 enables you to simply and intuitively integrate a wide range of healthcare IT applications with any version of the HL7 protocol.


HL7 Converter

Featuring a built-in HL7 adaptor module, Magic xpi enables the seamless conversion of common data structures, such as XML documents, database tables, flat files, or user-defined storage to the standard HL7 certification and vice-versa.


HL7 Translator

Magic xpi features a graphical Data Mapper that automatically translates between different versions of the HL7 protocol, including from 2.2 to 2.6 and back again.


Rapid Integration of Electronic Patient Files

Health institutions and organizations around the world create electronic patient files (EPF) that use the HL7 protocol to combine patient information from their general practitioners, hospitals, and pharmacies into a single, comprehensive online resource. Magic xpi for HL7 quickly and cost-effectively integrates multiple global EPF applications into any locally used EPF system, enabling doctors to view online the full medical history of patients from other cities, states, or countries via authorized and secure access.