Healthcare organizations today are expected to deliver more and better services to greater numbers of patients, while complying with ever more stringent government and industry regulations. Achieving the right balance between high-quality service and low cost of operation is now a major challenge for the healthcare industry.

Magic has a proven record in delivering effective solutions for customers throughout the healthcare industry, including health maintenance organizations (HMO), preferred provider organizations (PPO), hospitals, medical centers, private clinics, skilled nursing facilities, health information providers, senior health care providers, dental centers, medical offices, and more.

Magic’s solutions empower healthcare organizations and enterprises to support multiple patient data systems, and consolidate the data into a single, unified interface. Even in the most demanding healthcare scenarios, Magic’s technology enables organizations to create and deploy powerful composite applications and rapidly integrate them into the healthcare environment, regardless of the standards or regulations demanded.

Magic offers out-of-the-box support for:

  • Rapid HIPAA implementation
  • RFID data integration
  • XML handling
  • IT solutions for patient care
  • Comprehensive and straightforward HL7 integration

Magic’s solution for HL7—the most commonly used global standard for the exchange of electronic health information—ensures system interoperability that improves care delivery, optimizes workflow, and enhances knowledge transfer among all healthcare industry stakeholders.

Magic provides a multi-channel user experience of enterprise logic and data, including supporting the extension of solutions to mobile devices. This enables healthcare providers to access real-time patient data and deliver a consistently high quality of service from any remote location, responding more effectively to patient needs with less bureaucracy.

Major healthcare organizations, such as Johnson & Johnson, Teva Pharmaceuticals, Sheba Medical Center, and WebMD, have successfully implemented Magic’s smart technology in their data management and business systems. For example:

  • Western Dental used Magic’s application platform to develop a solution for operating a network of more than 100 dental offices throughout the US.
  • VantageMed used Magic technology to automate administrative, financial, clinical, and management functions for physicians, dentists, and other healthcare providers.
  • Answers Elite used Magic’s business integration platform to make it the only truly integrated software solution for the senior/long-term healthcare industry.
  • The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals (NNUH) used Magic’s platforms to drive patient care efficiencies and create new, platform-independent in-house applications, such as its Patient Administration System (PAS).