Governments, by definition, are responsible for providing a wide range of social and environmental services, and their IT systems typically include multiple data sources, spanning multiple industry sectors. Whether at the municipal, regional, or national level, governments must address the needs of the public for housing, law and order, healthcare, sanitation and recycling, education, transportation, and so on, while managing their own financial and administrative affairs, often under the constraints of an extremely tight budget and limited resources.

Magic’s technology empowers governments to support multiple public data systems, and consolidate the data into a single, unified interface. By ensuring system interoperability, Magic’s solutions for government agencies improves service delivery, optimizes workflow, and enhances knowledge transfer among all stakeholders.

Magic provides a multi-channel user experience of logic and data, including supporting the extension of back-end systems to mobile front-end clients. This enables police officers, for example, to access real-time suspect or victim police records from a crime scene or any other remote location. Waste management and recycling workers in the field can also use Magic-based mobile solutions to interact in real time with back-office data systems.

Major government organizations and software providers around the world have successfully implemented Magic’s smart technology in their data management systems, for example:

  • Access Data Corporation used Magic’s application platform to develop its Sleuth Software for public safety, law enforcement, and homeland security systems.
  • Charlotte County in Florida using Magic’s business integration platform to integrate the various branches of its criminal justice system, including the offices of the Sheriff, the law courts, the probation agency, the State Attorney, the Public Defender, and the County Clerk.
  • Washington State government used Magic’s platform to develop a real-time record retrieval system that integrates its justice agencies and jurisdictional data.
  • Vadim Software used Magic to develop its software designed specifically for municipalities, local governments, and public utilities.
  • Takatoshi used Magic’s application platform to rapidly develop a comprehensive waste management solution for deployment on mobile devices, improving the efficiency of its activity by automating its manifest management, billing, and archiving processes.

Other Magic customers from the public sector and government-related industries include Colorado Department of Corrections, Phoenix Police Department, Hungarian Police Force, Israeli Ministry of Environment and Supreme Court, United Nations, State of Washington, State of Nebraska, and many more.