Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration with Magic xpi


Magic xpi Integration Platform delivers code-free, enterprise-grade integration, business process automation, and data synchronization solutions.

Magic xpi for Microsoft Dynamics 365 features a built-in connector for automatic, real-time integration of CRM data with other enterprise applications such as ERP, email, calendar, and database systems.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is designed to give companies a fuller view of their customers. The challenge arises when CRM data is stored in a single enterprise IT system, making it potentially inaccessible to other departments or IT applications.

Magic xpi fully integrates Microsoft Dynamics 365 data with a wide range of IT systems, providing sales, marketing, and management staff with a consolidated view of their customers, and enabling them to benefit from real-time knowledge of business opportunities as they arise.


 Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration Diagram


Magic xpi for Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables you to:

Integrate ERP and CRM applications

Synchronize product catalogs to receive real-time product availability, order, and invoice updates, and more

Automate email and CRM data

Automate email notifications and alerts using Lotus Notes, Gmail, and other email applications

Automate calendar and CRM data

Automate calendar updates based on sales and marketing campaigns, enhancing cross-organizational collaboration

Synchronize databases

Automate data modifications between different applications, reducing manual data input and eliminating data inconsistencies


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