SYSPRO Integráció


Smart Technology for Effective Solutions

Magic xpi Integration Platform has the power and versatility to support a wide range of enterprise-grade integration and business process automation scenarios. It features a comprehensive development studio and an unrivalled level of interoperability and connectivity for integrating a wide variety of technologies and standards, including databases, application ecosystems, operating systems, Web services, messaging, FTP and directories, .NET, Java, RPG, HTTP, and more. 

Magic has built a specialized adapter for SYSPRO ERP for its Magic xpi Integration Platform that provides SYSPRO users with business logic knowledge, an easy, fast code-free alternative for business process automation and system integration.

Exposing the Power of SYSPRO

The Magic xpi for SYSPRO adapter exposes and leverages SYSPRO’s ready-made integration API, in the form of e.NET, inside a single integration environment.

The result is the creation of a single environment where the enterprise can leverage the exposed interfaces in the enterprise to create a real-time integrated environment. 


A Comprehensive and Certified Offering

As a SYSPRO Business Partner implementing a comprehensive, out-of-the-box library of certified and optimized connectors and adaptors, Magic xpi lets you integrate leading ERP, CRM, finance, and other enterprise systems. 

Extensive research has been conducted by Magic’s R & D center in order to provide access to the business objects within SYSPRO and at the same time retain all the business rules.

In keeping with SYSPRO’s development best practices, Magic used the existing e.NET framework as the base from which to deploy seamless, comprehensive and robust solutions with a single interface point for all SYSPRO integration requirements.


SYSPRO Connector Features

  • More than 50 components and customizable connectors and adaptors
  • Open, standards-based development framework for all databases, platforms, and file formats
  • A comprehensive, enterprise-grade studio enabling rapid development and deployment of integration flows


SYSPRO Connector Benefits

  • No need to understand complex APIs and engage in extensive bespoke software development
  • Transaction integrity and native auditability
  • Easily design processes that align with business
  • Graphical Data Mapper for easy loading and transformation


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