Magic xpi for IBM i

Magic xpi Integration Platform delivers code-free, enterprise-grade integration, business process automation, and data synchronization solutions.

Magic xpi for IBM i is designed to keep your IBM i OS/400-i5/OS environment secure, productive, and highly scalable, while giving it a modern look and feel with enriched functionality and cross-organizational integration. With Magic xpi Integration Platform, you can extend the life of your IBM i OS/400 applications, and protect the platform that you know and trust.

IBM ServerProven™ Technology Stack

Magic is an IBM Advanced Partner, and our unified technology stack, comprising Magic xpa Application Platform and Magic xpi Integration Platform, is IBM ServerProven™ and runs natively on your IBM i.

Magic xpi for IBM i enables you to:

  • Access a rich tool set with a full graphical, wizard-based interface for configuring services and/or developing business applications rather than coding them.
  • Increase development productivity, completing projects in weeks rather than months, with no need for Java or any other complex programming.
  • Implement a service-oriented architecture (SOA) infrastructure, including composite applications and application integration.
  • Employ easy-to-use tools to call logic (Cobol/RPG/CL), retrieve and manipulate data (DB2/400), deal with system objects (spool files, data queues), and leverage your investment in WebSphere, Domino, and more.


  • Unique ready-made tools that address mid-range systems, including SAP and JD Edwards ERP applications, IBM i, and software-as-a-service, such as Salesforce
  • IBM ServerProven and IBM SOA Specialty Certified status
  • Native operation on the IBM i
  • Installable on a Logically Partitioned IBM i to consolidate servers
  • Access to IBM i system services, with retrieval of object lists, system values, spool file entries, and IFS directory files
  • Integration/exposure of IBM i elements that can invoke external processes on any other platform from OS/400 RPG/CL/Cobol programs via Magic xpi Requested API
  • Built-in open query file function that enables record selection and sorting on the IBM i
  • Runtime management environment with real-time project monitoring, including escalations and alerts


  • Fully integrates websites and Web applications
  • Automates your applications’ documents and reports and distributes them across the organization
  • Optimizes your investment in IBM i with full integration
  • Integrates new software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications with your OS/400 environment
  • Reduces the time required to adhere to mandatory compliance initiatives


  • Maximizes business agility by automating internal and external business processes
  • Integrates IBM i applications with all your other business applications and platforms
  • Enables decisions based on real business needs rather than technological restrictions
  • Extends the functionality of your ERP and CRM applications, such as JD Edwards and SAP
  • Use capabilities of Magic´s technology in combination with IBM System i and the IBM Host Access Client Package.
  • Integrates with a variety of Web interfaces without requiring a long and risky development process
  • Integrates SaaS-based applications with your existing back-office applications
  • Supports grow-as-you-go scalability, requiring you to pay only according to your current needs, with the ability to expand your license as necessary