Improving the uniPaaS Project's Look and Feel

Course Syllabus

The main objective of this course is to enable students to learn the uniPaaS related technical techniques how to improve the user interface and the look and feel of their application and therefore provide their customers with immediate and long term results.

In any interactive application, the form is one of the significant aspects. It is what the user sees and uses. Well designed forms or a friendly user interface are very often the selling point of a product and are a major factor in customer satisfaction in the long run.

This course intends to provide continuing intermediate education with uniPaaS and targets topics that are common for both Open Client and RIA.

So, it is time to jazz up your application, give it a fresh look and feel, and really make it stand out.

Please note: 
The course includes uniPaaS related technical techniques how to improve the look and feel of an application.
General graphical user interface or design guidelines are not included in this course.

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