Magic xpa Programming with .NET

During this official course, Magic University offers you the opportunity to learn how to benefit from a wide range of.NET resources and implement them in your uniPaaS application.

uniPaaS, together with .NET, enables you to build and design an extensive GUI for your application and therefore create greater end-user satisfaction. In addition to the existing set of tools available in uniPaaS, today you can even more significantly enhance your uniPaaS projects by adding your own or acquired .NET resources into your applications.

The .NET code can be assembled into your application like building blocks, which results in an enhanced application. 

The ability to incorporate pre-built .NET code into your application as well as benefiting from uniPaaS capabilities makes it possible for your business to better meet its budget and timeline with a more extensive application.

For more information regarding the course please see the related files on the rigt.

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