Legacy Products

Magic Legacy Products

Magic recently renamed our core products to reflect the exciting changes in our corporate identity and major developments in our product offering:

While we encourage Magic users to upgrade to the latest versions of Magic xpa and Magic xpi to take advantage of the latest capabilities, we understand that sometimes this takes time. Since we are committed to providing you with the highest level of ongoing support, we continue to support all legacy versions of our products, including all releases of eDeveloper, uniPaaS, and iBOLT, except for those versions that are scheduled for end of life.

For details regarding which legacy versions of our products are scheduled for end of life, view the Support Notifications in our Support section.

For detailed information about our legacy products, visit our Communities section, which offers a variety of professional and technical resources for developers, such as reference manuals, a knowledge base, and instructional videos.

To benefit from the fullest range of Magic's technological capabilities, we encourage you to upgrade to the current version of our enterprise software. For more information, contact your local Magic representative.