Magic for SIs

Magic’s System Integrator (SI) partners provide services and domain expertise related to Magic’s technology for our mutual customers on a regional, national, or global scale.

In recent years, SIs have come under increasing pressure from multi-national outsource companies who compete against them for projects and contracts. Therefore, Sis need to develop a competitive advantage that goes beyond merely reducing profit margins, by presenting a fresh approach to project delivery that is built upon on a wealth of knowledge, experience, and a growing collection of success stories.

Magic’s one-stack technology, with its two instances—one responsible for multi-channel delivery, and the other for workflow management and certified access to back-end systems—provides SIs with the tools to design and deliver a wide variety of integration projects that enable businesses to increase growth and improve profitability.

Currently, many enterprises are taking their first hesitant steps towards implementing an enterprise mobility solution prior to establishing a long-term mobile strategy. They are reluctant to make what they perceive as a risky transition in a single leap, preferring instead a piecemeal approach, gradually bringing different areas of their organization and activities on board.

Magic’s mobile offering provides SIs with the agility and flexibility they need to support just such an approach. By developing highly scalable mobile solutions for progressive implementation, SIs can hold their customers’ hand while gradually driving the process forward.

Magic’s technology and agile methodology provides SIs with the following key benefits:

  • Increased opportunities to strengthen foothold within enterprises
  • Shallow learning curve for incorporating new technologies and solutions
  • Support for limited-scope, short-term projects to reduce risk
  • Ability to respond effectively to customer needs
  • Success stories to build an enhanced reputation and generate new business

Together with our SI partners, Magic works to match the right solution to a customer’s specific integration needs based on a combination of technological know-how, business insight, and enterprise-grade services and consulting.

Among our many SI partners are the following:

  • Value Strategies
  • Zero Wait State
  • iConsortium
  • Vision-33
  •  brig
  • GoEngineer
  • Third Wave Business Systems