9 Routes That Could Take You Into the MOBILE UX BERMUDA TRIANGLE... and How To Navigate Out of Them

From desktops to smartphones to tablets, customers expect your software or service to be available as a continuous experience that adapts to any device.

But what typically happens is customers get lost in a Bermuda Triangle of inconsistent interfaces, out-of-sync functionality and product delays. Before this happens, join this webinar. Learn from renowned UX expert Paul Giurata how to define UI in modular, responsive panels of functionality and apply it to the appropriate device and context. Create a better user experience at a lower cost:

    • Release to market sooner, with simultaneous revenue generation across all customer touch-points
    • Reduce development costs by 38% with less dependency on specialized skills
    • Increase adoption and reduce customer churn across the product life cycle

Paul Giurata is considered one of the most experienced UX application architects in the world, having led the design of over 500 software applications. He began his user experience career at Apple working on media-rich, learning environments for children. Paul’s passion in medical and life sciences began while working at HP Medical Products (Agilent). He holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from University of Colorado and an MBA from Santa Clara University.

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