Magic Software Launches Magic xpa 3.0 for Rapid Mobile Development with In Memory Computing

  • Or Yehuda, Israel
  • May 12, 2015

Magic Software Enterprises Ltd. (NASDAQ and TASE: MGIC), a global provider of mobile and cloud-enabled application and business integration platformsannounced today the release of Magic xpa Application Platform 3.0, featuring improved mobile development capabilities and In-Memory Data Grid technology, enabling the rapid creation of mobile and cross-platform business applications.

“As mobile enterprise apps become increasingly critical to business success, enterprises need a robust environment that can scale up for Big Data and that can accelerate enterprise app development,” stated Ami Ries, Vice President, Research and Development at Magic Software Enterprises Ltd. “Our new Magic xpa 3.0 capabilities speed the development process while helping ensure the best possible user experience for enterprise apps, even under the most demanding requirements.”

“Magic xpa is part of Magic’s End-to-End Enterprise Mobility Solution that also includes Magic’s Integration Platform, Mobile Device Management and Mobile Professional Services, providing a holistic and cost-effective solution for enterprises that want to provide secure, enterprise-grade mobile apps for customers, partners and employees,” adds Ries.

The code-free metadata-based Magic xpa Application Platform provides an easy-to-use, highly-productive and cost-effective development and deployment environment that lets IT departments and software companies quickly create cross-platform mobile and desktop business apps from the same business logic.

Highlights of the Magic xpa 3.0 release include:

  • Superior Performance: High-availability, self-healing In-Memory Data Grid (IMDG) based messaging layer guarantees message delivery, providing superior performance. Elastic scalability allows apps to easily accommodate larger numbers of users and transactions. Built-in automatic distribution lets developers focus on creating the right business logic rather than on load balancing issues for high-availability.
  • Enhanced Development Environment: New Visual Studio-based Form Designer allows users to enjoy a familiar and intuitive user experience. Enhanced Expression Editor makes building and searching expressions easier, faster and more intuitive.
  • Powerful Mobile Development Capabilities: Mobile Form Preview lets developers see how their apps will look on multiple devices as they create them, speeding time to market. Additional offline database encryption support makes apps more secure.  
  • Big Data and Fast Data Support: Customers can now stream their application data to an in-memory space, enabling apps to perform much faster, handling even Big Data transactions with speed and confidence.


Customer Feedback:

“Our initial tests of our flagship CampusNet app using Magic xpa 3.0 with its new state-of-the-art IMDG architecture show that it is running at 2 to 3 times faster than with the earlier version. In addition to the superior performance, we are excited about the ease of scaling up and the fault-tolerance provided by the new In-Memory Computing capabilities. Our developers are also happy with the new Visual Studio-based form editor that makes it faster to implement changes and create mobile apps,” states Stephan Sachse, managing partner of Datenlotsen.

“We are very pleased with the Magic xpa 3.0 enhancements. The new Visual Studio based form designer and searchable expression editor contain many small advantages that add up to significant time savings, resulting in even faster time-to-market. We know state-of-the-art In-Memory Data Grid capabilities under Magic xpi 4.0 and we are pleased to find them in Magic xpa 3.0. Inclusion of IMDG in Magic xpa 3.0 promises to make our apps perform significantly better and scale more easily. This will allow us to design more complex apps that handle big volumes of data with confidence,” Alexander Gutenbrunner, Senior Consultant Collaboration Axians ICT Austria GmbH.


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Magic Software Enterprises Ltd. (NASDAQ and TASE: MGIC) is a global provider of mobile and cloud-enabled application and business integration platforms.

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