PLM Planning: Determining the Requirements for an Integration Platform

PLM technology requires integration with a wide variety of enterprise systems that also touch product processes and impact the product lifecycle. Find out what this means in Magic’s white paper about the impact of PLM integration on enterprise systems, including:

  • Design – Alignment with business requirements
  • Development – Efficiently accomplish business requirements
  • Maintenance – Respond quickly to changes in requirements

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IT Integration Benefits For The Healthcare Industry

Magic Software delivers effective solutions to clients throughout the healthcare industry, including HMOs, PPOs, hospitals, medical centers and more.

Our white paper addresses the main benefits including:

  • Straightforward HL7 integration with a built-in HL7 connector
  • Open standards for flexible regulatory compliance
  • Rapid implementations for electronic data interchange (EDI)

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7 Tips to Avoid Data Integration Disasters

Planning ahead is your best bet when implementing a data integration solution. By doing the necessary preparation work and fully thinking through the process, you can avoid some of the most common data migration disasters.

  • Do you know why you should clean up your data?
  • Do you know how to validate and redefine business rules?
  • Are you familiar with the benefits of leveraging automation?

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Get It Right: Salesforce and SAP Integration

Salesforce and SAP integration is essential to maximize your investment in both systems, reduce errors, and improve overall organizational efficiency.

Integrating Salesforce and SAP is a common challenge for organizations. To find out if you’re ready for the challenge, ask yourself these questions:
  • Do you understand the challenges of integrating Salesforce and SAP?
  • Are you familiar with the typical Salesforce and SAP integration scenarios?
  • Have you read about specific companies that successfully integrated the two systems?
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