Milbon, Fabricante Número 1 do Japão, Implementou o Magic xpi Para Integrar Seus Múltiplos Sistemas de TI

Magic xpi 4.x with SugarCRM Seminar

Magic xpi 4.x with Dynamics CRM Seminar

Lifting Off into Space-based Architecture with Magic xpi 4.x

Getting Started with Magic xpi 4.x

Put CRM at the Core of Your Enterprise

Using your CRM system as an enterprise portal, integrating all front- and back-end systems with business process automation is the key for reaching new levels of enterprise productivity and efficiency. Get started by asking yourself::

  • What are the typical CRM integration scenarios?
  • Why would you want to make your CRM an enterprise portal?
  • How can I overcome integration challenges?

Download Magic’s white paper to learn the answers to these questions and more!