SugarCon 2017

Magic is proudly a gold sponsor to SugarCon 2017. 

Customers deserve the very best experience when they interact with your company. You deserve the very best tools when you interact with them.

Shaping a CRM system to deliver this level of great customer experience takes ingenuity, creativity and hard work. You might even say… heroics.

Every day, we talk to our customers and note acts of heroism all in the name of customer experience:

  • Hitting tight project deadlines without complaining
  • Masterful training to employees who resist change
  • Swift reaction to customer feedback
  • Weekend work that no one sees, but everyone appreciates 

The list goes on and on...

This is the life of people responsible for delivering a great customer experience – Sugar Heroes. Come meet heroes just like you and celebrate your successes at SugarCon in San Francisco, September 25 – 28.

What should you expect?