Merit Service Solutions Survives the Storm with Magic’s End-to-End Enterprise Mobility Solution

Merit Service Solutions

"We manage approximately 2000 customer sites and wanted a way to take advantage of today’s digital and mobile capabilities to streamline processes, and provide the best experience to our customers and our service providers. I am happy to report that Magic’s unique solution, combining both mobile and back-end integration under one technology stack, not only provided all the capabilities we demanded, it has also passed the test of an epic blizzard, enabling us to provide our customers with the timely services they expect, even under the most demanding circumstances."

Kevin Craig, Chief Operations Officer


The Project

Industry: Facilities Maintenance for snow removal and landscaping
Magic Solution: Magic xpa Application Platform, Magic xpi Integration Platform, JD Edwards Adapter, Professional Services
Application: Custom-built iMerit Mobile Communication Platform Snow Removal App for Service Providers



  • Mobile Routing
  • Improved Proof-of-Service
  • Simplified Operations for Service Providers



  • Stramlined Business Processes through Mobile Apps
  • Improved Customer Experience
  • More Efficient Routing
  • Easier Provider Operations
  • Reduce Invoice Discrepancies and Disputes