SoftTrace adds “Magic” ingredient to dairy manufacturing software


As we seek to expand the markets for our software and maximize the benefits for our customers, we will continue to leverage our long-term relationship with Magic Software and their experience of rapid application development. By matching the advances in Magic xpa to our evolving development requirements, we are confident that we can remain flexible and responsive in meeting our customers’ current and emerging challenges without putting undue pressure on our current product development resources.”

Anthony Connolly, SoftTrace CEO 

The Project

IndustryManufacturing, quality management and traceability software and services for the Food, Dairy and Pharmaceutical industries
Magic Solution: Magic xpa Application Platform


  • Accelerate development of new software modules and module updates, using current resources, to meet the evolving business needs of SoftTrace users.
  • Deliver a rapid ROI to SoftTrace users by easily customizing and configuring SoftTrace modules for new customers and efficiently providing updates to existing customers.
  • Optimize project delivery performance for enhanced customer satisfaction.



  • Significantly increased programming efficiency with a maximum return from current development resources.
  • SoftTrace users reported 99.5% ingredient usage accuracy via handheld technology.
  • Remote/mobile enabled functionality in production and inventory management, delivering increased data accuracy and traceability.
  • Enhanced instrument calibration maintenance functionality in laboratory and production settings.