ServiceMax Integration with Magic xpi

ServiceMax Integration with Magic xpi Integration Platform delivers code-free, enterprise-grade integration, business process automation, and data synchronization solutions.

Magic xpi Integration Platform enables ServiceMax users to maximize productivity, service revenues and perfect service delivery through code-free integration with CRM, ERP and other enterprise systems. Users can synchronize data and automate processes across systems quickly and easily with Magic’s visual, drag, drop and configure approach.

Whether your systems are or on-premise or in the cloud, Magic xpi provides a flexible and cost-effective integration solution.


 Diagram of Magic xpi integration capabilities with ServiceMax



ServiceMax was Named a Leader in the Gartner 2017 Magic Quadrant for Field Service Management

Access the Magic Quadrant for FSM Here


ServiceMax Connector Capabilities

Use the Magic xpi for ServiceMax to:

  • Automate work order generation, scheduling, routing, logistics, billing, invoicing, and more.
  • Improve First Time Fix Rates by integrating purchase histories, parts inventories and documentation, ensuring techs show up prepared and reducing emergency shipments.
  • Synchronize master data, such as account names, locations, and product catalogues, between ServiceMax, ERP and other systems.
  • Optimize end-to-end field service operations by automatically triggering processes across ERP, CRM, WMS, TMS and PLM systems.
  • Improve customer service and cross-sell/ upsell opportunities by enabling field service teams to view customer inquiries, full order and service histories, warranty status, and more.


ServiceMax Enterprise-Grade Integration

Magic makes it simple to integrate what you want, the way you want:

  • Dedicated ServiceMax connector for optimized connectivity to ServiceMax fields and objects, even custom ones
  • Full support of real-time and bulk operations reduces Mean Time To Repair (MTTR)
  • 100+ pre-built application adapters and technology resources to connect tens of thousands of applications
  • Magic xpi Studio with code-free, drag and drop environment and comprehensive visual data mapper
  • Multi-platform (Windows, Linux, AIX, Solaris, IBM i) Magic xpi Server with real-time event triggers, powerful process automation scheduler, and automated handling of exceptions and errors
  • Magic Monitor with extended remote monitoring and management capabilities for IT and business users
  • Enterprise-grade including In-Memory Computing, built-in clustering and failover, powerful security and encryption tools, and SOA compliant
  • Hybrid platform supports any combination of cloud & on-premise integrations

"By making it easy to share data and automate processes between systems, Magic enabled us to complete the integration project with our existing resources. Plus, we were up and running ahead of schedule!”

Bobby Culbertson, Software Developer, Westmor Division of Superior Industries


Your Digital Transformation Partner

In today’s disposable era, experience is a rare and valuable commodity that is good to have on your side. When you choose Magic for your integration provider, you get:

  • 30+ years of experience with enterprise applications
  • Benefits of a global team
  • Solutions that succeed where others don’t
  • An easy path to enterprise mobility with our singlestack solution
  • Full range of professional services to meet your needs


Magic has everything you need to make sure your business processes run the way your users want

  • Fast time-to-market
  • Easy and cost-effective maintenance
  • One skill set for all integration needs
  • Real-time data for accurate information
  • Flexible connectivity to different databases, file types and data formats
  • Robust In-Memory architecture supports the most demanding applications
  • Business process automation for less than the cost of ETL