Christie Digital Sharpens Multiple Business Processes with Magic xpi Integration Platform

Christie Digital

"Magic’s graphic work flow approach makes development more straight forward. Programmers are able to do complicated things easily, with a single skill set. Development time is reduced. Business benefits are experienced sooner, and the resulting system can be adapted quicker using fewer resources."

Darrell Kieswetter, Technical Operations Manager


Christie's office

SOURCE: Christie's website


The Project

Industry: Manufacturing
Magic Solution: Magic xpi Integration Platform, Oracle-Validated JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Adapter, SharePoint Adapter, & PS


  • Complete multiple integration projects quickly 
  • Standardize, adapt and maintain interfaces in-house
  • Cost-effective solution



  • Quicker sales processes and product deliveries
  • More accurate information about production activities
  • Greater visibility into sales and operations for improved customer service