Finanz Informatik Develops and Integrates IT Service Management Solution with Magic Platforms

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The development platform with which we wanted to implement this had to allow short development cycles and simultaneous step-by-step replacement in a multi-system enviornment. With the Magic platforms, we have the right tools at our fingertips to effectively address future challenges in IT service management.”

Markus Gövert, Head of Support at Finanz Informatik 

The Project

Industry: Financial, IT service provider
Magic Solution: Magic xpa Integration Platform, Magic xpi Integration Platform
Connected Applications: SAP ERP system, home-grown IT service management software


  • Create efficient IT service management system for the service and support inquiries of customers
  • Process and monitor malfunctions, requests and orders in a process compliant manner
  • Measure and improve customer satisfaction



  • Drastically shortened development cycles
  • Improved the customer experience for the more than 7,000 people working with the system daily
  • More efficiently servicing 122 million accounts and 90 billion technical transactions annually