Victorinox Reduces Order Processing and Administration Time


Magic Customers - Victorinox

"eDeveloper’s development paradigm radically shortens development times.. providing a crucial advantage over other tools."

Simon Frey, General Manager, Intersoft Information Systems AG


Dealers in 120 countries offer the original Victorinox pocketknife, famous for its quality and durability. Victorinox customers also expect smooth order handling, prompt delivery and superior customer service. The company must also ensure that 25 million knives a year are delivered at the right time to the correct place.

Victorinox today sees its main challenge as ensuring that its IT infrastructure is state-of-the-art. This has become increasingly important with the rapid growth of the company. In order to guarantee that customer-oriented processes remain flexible, the company needed a Window’s based ERP solution that would be used by dealers worldwide to place orders, while being completely integrated with Victorinox’s existing IBM iSeries back-end systems. The ERP had to be integrated not only with different geographical locations, but also with completely different platforms.


Victorinox achieved its goals through a completely customized solution developed by Intersoft Switzerland and based on Magic Software’s eDeveloper. Intersoft created a fully integrated ERP Client-Server solution with a Windows 2000 interface providing extensive order management and processing functionality for all branch offices. The ERP solution is also available through a standard internet browser, requiring no special software or platform. The system provides error detection and synchronization of data as well as a real-time interface between branch offices and the main system for the alignment and transfer of data.


The new ERP solution, customized to Victorinox’s precise business rules and operational workflows has reduced the time needed for dealer orders as well as simplified the entire order and shipment process.

Through the smooth integration enabled by eDeveloper (today branded Magic xpa Application Platform), Victorinox now operates a fast and reliable communication system between the Windows 2000 computers and the IBM iSeries infrastructure allowing simultaneous data access by branch offices and headquarters. Through the smooth integration enabled by eDeveloper administration of orders and processing has become much simplified and errors have been significantly reduced.