Vertical Solutions: Field Service Management

As a customer-oriented industry, field service management (FSM) requires software solutions that can optimize efficiency, improve quality of service, and increase customer satisfaction. Fierce competition and escalating overheads constantly increase pressure on FSM companies to improve their delivery methods and, more importantly, their underlying technology infrastructure.

Solutions for FSM must address a range of challenges, including the need to:

  • Provide employees in the field with real-time access to mission-critical data
  • Support secure and reliable data transfer over multiple mobile platforms
  • Integrate back-end information systems with front-end mobile devices
  • Enable fast and smooth deployment of business applications

Magic’s unified technology stack, comprising its application and business integration platforms, provides FSM companies with comprehensive solutions that boost productivity and efficiency, while ensuring enterprise-grade security and reliability.

Magic’s solution for enterprise mobility, which extends all the capabilities of Magic’s platforms to the mobile environment, providing a highly productive and efficient means of distributing and exposing mission-critical data from back-end enterprise systems to mobile front-ends. This is of particular value to FSM companies, for whom the use of mobile devices is becoming an intrinsic part of their operations as a means of increasing productivity, streamlining work processes, and enhancing customer service and loyalty.

Magic’s fresh technological approach code-free development and integration processes enable FSM companies to rapidly deploy on-premise, Web, cloud-based, and mobile solutions for a wide range of key business activities, such as fleet and inventory tracking, customer and asset data transfer, and complex project management and scheduling.