Choose the SYSPRO Integration PROs

Magic’s extensive research and significant experience with SYSPRO ERP makes it easy for you to access and integrate SYSPRO business objects with your organization’s other systems, streamlining your workflows

Back and Front Office Integration

Make your back-office data available to your people in the front by syncing your SYSPRO ERP with CRM systems, like Sugar, Salesforce and Dynamics CRM

SYSPRO and Marketing Integration

Personalize your sales pitch to each and every customer by integrating your SYSPRO data with your marketing system, such as Marketo, to increase customer loyalty


Without any coding, you can integrate your SYSPRO ERP with any other system to reduce manual work and data duplication, meaning more time for productive tasks

Grow Your SYSPRO with Magic’s Integration Platform

The Magic xpi for SYSPRO solution lets the SYSPRO API be utilized as needed to retrieve up-to-date information, create business artifacts like invoices and inquire about product availability, available credit levels and more.

Magic’s Integration Central

SYSPRO and other applications in the enterprise can share information and functionality through a common point, allowing for future growth through a central point of extension and integration management.

Magic facilitates data integration and process automation between SYSPRO and other systems, applications and more

Data Integrity

SYSPRO has an open architecture, which gives Magic the ability to interface with SYSPRO Solutions, relying on the business logic within SYSPRO to validate and post external transactions with the care that SYSPRO requires for data integrity.

SYSPRO website

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Erwin Fuchs Üzletfejlesztési Vezető, ASSA ABLOY (Schweiz) AG

“Megállapítottuk, hogy a Magic xpi megbízható, robosztus és agilis megoldást kínál nekünk, amelyet könnyű méretezni és támogatni.”