Unlocking CSRD Compliance with
Modern Data Management

Maximize your CSRD compliance efforts for valuable insights and business improvement with Magic’s Data Integration-and-Management Service

Maximize your CSRD compliance efforts for valuable insights and business improvement with Magic’s Data Integration-and-Management Service

Is your company ready for the new CSRD directive?

Achieving CSRD compliance is not simple. Several factors make it challenging:

Comprehensive Information Requirements Amidst Organizational Silos: Compliance with the CSRD reporting requirements requires gathering diverse data – such as CO2 savings, energy consumption, recycling rates, employee statistics, and more – from multiple parts of the company. With the prevalence of data silos, collecting this data is complicated for most organizations.

Manipulating different file formats: Besides collecting the data, CSRD report creation requires combining and manipulating data of different types and formats to obtain the required output. This type of data management is a complex task – as you need to merge, summarize, and massage the data into a compliant and auditable format.

Short Timelines: From as soon as 2024, 2025, and 2026, an increasing number of companies will need to submit CSRD reports. This does not give companies much time to prepare for the complexity involved.

CSRD Data Management Needs

To meet the complex CSRD requirements, you need a system that provides:

Accessible, Quality Data

Standardized and cleansed data to drive reliable results and sustainability reporting key performance indicators.


Relevant data must be compiled efficiently and be consistently available.


Operational and strategic decisions must be based on a factual 360-degree company view.

Risk Assessment:

Proper analysis for reliable risks assesment.

Magic‘s Data Integration-and-Management

The Magic Data Integration-and-Management Service enables you to become efficient, compliant, and audit-proof!

We provide all the essential functions to meet the requirements for the disclosure of measures, targets and key performance indicators of the new CSRD directive. Moreover, the flexibility of the solution makes it easy to deploy without disrupting your current business. The solution is compatible with all your existing systems – and all systems you may introduce in the future.

Magic’s Data Integration-and-Management Service offers streamlined implementation which seamlessly integrates all systems. By enriching your data, it not only empowers your teams for compliance reporting but also enhances organizational performance. Elevate your organization with simplified data integration that drives both compliance and operational excellence.

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Smooth Integration with Comprehensive and Accurate Data Collection

  • Automate your data collection with more than 100 predefined data integrations.
  • Prevent the loss of manually collected data by replacing paper and excel based data input with digital forms.
  • Improve data integrity and quality with data validation and approval workflows to ensure audit-ready data.

Enrich Your Data

  • Harmonize sustainability data analysis throughout the company, irrespective of its size and structure.
  • Establish uniformity, consistency, and enrich data to ensure comprehensive insights, while creating valid and accurate performance and sustainability data.
  • Easily map data to current – and future – EU sustainability standards (CSRD, ESHS, ESG, EU Taxonomy).
Data Graphs
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  • Generate customizable reports that comply with the latest EU reporting standards and frameworks.
  • Visualize your data and KPIs with interactive dashboards and charts that highlight your sustainability performance and achievements.
  • Share your reports with internal and external stakeholders in various formats (PDF, Excel, Word, etc.) and languages.

Empower Your Teams with Analysis

  • Use contextual data models and calculations to reconcile, map, and calculate KPIs against performance and sustainability data.
  • Analyze relevant data at the correct level of detail across all business units involved.
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Data Security Features

Organizational Performance

  • Set your targets and gain robust insights into your value creation and sustainability core processes.
  • Monitor and enhance progress by aligning process improvement and innovation activities with your targets.
  • Link value creation with sustainability in a continuous improvement process in your company.

CSRD Without Headaches

With a robust data strategy and advanced technological tools, CSRD data and KPIs can be efficiently mapped digitally, allowing real-time access at the touch of a button. Magic’s Data Integration-and-Management Service supports you by establishing a solid foundation for CSRD reporting through thorough data collection and analysis.