Looking for new levels of business agility?
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Want a solution to complex, time-consuming & costly system integration?

Oracle Platinum Partner

We are the only Oracle Validated Integrator with a built-in, certified JD Edwards connector for simple, out-of-the-box integration that delivers optimized connectivity to JD Edwards/customized fields and objects

Leading JD Edwards Integration Expert

Hundreds of satisfied customers enjoy our acclaimed JD Edwards integration expertise and 15+ years of integration & automation experience

Oracle Orchestrator Supercharger

We deliver smart, flexible integration  that provides intelligent connectivity from JD Edwards to any system, with or without Oracle Orchestrator
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Integration with Multiple Apps

We provide flexible integration with multiple apps – including CRM, eCommerce, logistics & HR systems – for on-demand response to business events

Want to manage all your business processes? By integrating your JD Edwards ERP with your other enterprise systems, you can take your business further. Utilizing the complete view of your business, you can increase efficiency, improve forecasting and decision-making with real-time business intelligence, and integrate new, innovative applications. 

Oracle systems integration diagram architecture
Magic's integration platforms are a perfect fit for system integration and process automation projects with Oracle systems


Oracle’s Orchestrator ensures easy connection to your JD Edwards ERP, making it accessible. But you still have a range of other tasks to perform that require an integration tool, such as creating the integration flow and adding data transformation between systems. Consequently, Magic xpi complements Oracle Orchestrator, providing all the business logic you require to optimize your integration capabilities.



  • Experience: Unmatched level of JD Edwards integration expertise
  • Unique: Only solution that connects with JD Edwards and uses the business functions completely out-of-the-box
  • No/Low Code: Drag, drop and configure solution that bridges the talent gap for highly-skilled personnel
  • Loosely Coupled Integration: Eliminates version lock and ensures easier integration flows and upgrades to new JD Edwards versions/environments
  • Full Integration Tool: Offers more functionality than built-in tools and eliminates the need for expensive developers
  • TCO: Cost-effective solution over time



Integrating JD Edwards with eCommerce Platforms

The Challenge 
Complex and customized JD Edwards data

The Solution
Certified, built-in JD Edwards connector allows integration using drag-and-drop

The Benefits
Access to all data in JD Edwards, including Orchestrator and business functions

Supporting JD Edwards Upgrades

The Challenge
Integrating customizations in the upgrade

The Solution
Replace fragile manual integrations with automated integrations using a robust tool, and follow well-established methodology for reliable upgrades. Learn More

The Benefits
Less re-work of integrations with each upgrade, reducing the time required and lowering the cost

Supporting EDI Transactions

The Challenge
Diverse EDI formats and connectors requiring extensive customization for each partner and process

The Solution
Out-of-the-box connectivity to both JD Edwards and the Magic EDI Services Platform, providing a robust end-to-end solution.

The Benefits
Handle as many EDI partners and processes as you need with a single, end-to-end solution

Onboarding of New Employees

The Challenge
Introduction of a variety of different systems

The Solution
A single integration tool that connects to all systems and automates onboarding into multiple systems

The Benefits
Less manual data entry into multiple systems and improved reliability and compliance



Magic xpi JD Edwards connector creates high-end customer experience and modernizes business processed for luxury French brand Christofle

“To perfect the relationship with our customers and satisfy a high level of requirement, we had to improve the communication between our businesses!”

Koos Manufacturing

Koos Manufacturing uses Magic xpi connectors to integrate its eCommerce and ERP systems, improve the flow of information and keep both systems up to date.

“Magic xpi provided us with a reliable, robust and agile solution that is easy to support and scale up. The ease of use within Magic xpi’s code-free environment made our business process integration easier.”

JD Edwards Success Stories

Koos Manufacturing
Magic xpi Optimizes Operational Efficiency and Data Integrity for Premier Jeans Designer & Manufacturer Koos Manufacturing, Inc.
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Erwin Fuchs Business Development Manager at ASSA ABLOY (Schweiz) AG

“We found that Magic xpi provided us with a reliable, robust and agile solution that is easy to support and scale up.”