Magic Is Digital Transformation

More than 30 years ago, Magic launched its first ever application technology for the development of business apps. Today, we are a recognized provider of cutting-edge software platforms for business integration and business app development.

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Proud of what we’ve accomplished. Excited for what’s coming next.

As a result of our over 30 years of experience, Magic Software has established its position in the market as a global software provider, present in 24 regional offices, with millions of installations worldwide, and strategic alliances with global IT leaders, such as IBM, Microsoft, Oracle,, and SAP.

The Magic team collaborates closely with our customers and over a thousand business partners in over 50 countries, as we believe that our community is our biggest asset.

We welcome all of our customers, developers, partners, investors and prospects to learn more about our solutions and invite you to take part in our continuous journey to help companies digitally transform, making the most out of their data and technology.


The benefits of being a member of Magic Group

Magic Software is part of the Magic Group (NASDAQ and TASE: MGIC), a global provider of proprietary application development and business process integration software solutions and related professional services, and a vendor of a variety of IT professional services.


Organizational core values


  1. Respect: We cultivate an environment where everyone’s contributions are valued. We value and honor diverse perspectives and treat each individual with dignity.
  2. People Development:
    We invest in the growth and development of our people. Committed to nurturing talent, we provide opportunities for continuous learning and advancement, empowering our team to reach their full potential and contribute meaningfully to our collective success.
  3. Continuous Improvement:
    We are committed to ongoing growth towards excellence by refinement and enhancement of our processes, and products, elevating our overall performance. This commitment to continuous improvement empowers us to stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of IT, delivering cutting-edge solutions and exceeding the evolving expectations of our clients.
  4.  Customer-Centric:
    Our customers are at the core of everything we do. We listen intently, understand deeply, and respond with solutions that exceed expectations. Being customer-centric is not just a value; it’s a commitment to delivering products and services that make a positive impact on our clients’ experiences.
  5. Openness and Transparency:
    We believe in the power of open communication and transparency. Internally, this means sharing information, ideas, and feedback openly across all levels of the organization. Externally, we are transparent with our clients, partners, and stakeholders, ensuring clear and honest communication. By operating with transparency, we build trust and accountability, creating an environment where everyone feels informed, engaged, and aligned with our collective goals.

Software Offering

Magic xpi
Integration Platform

Enable your company to run more effectively with our code-free integration, business process automation and data synchronization solution.


Plug & Play
for Industry 4.0

Tangible increase of 30% in throughput and OEE within weeks, C-level insights for real-time decision making, based on advanced analytics and machine learning.


Magic xpa
Web Application Framework

Create highly-responsive, single-page business apps powered by Angular to provide a rich user experience and meet the increasingly complex enterprise business expectations for digital transformation.


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Erwin Fuchs Business Development Manager at ASSA ABLOY (Schweiz) AG

“We found that Magic xpi provided us with a reliable, robust and agile solution that is easy to support and scale up.”