Magic’s Prescription for a Healthy Digital Transformation

EHR Data

Translate the standards into one language to allow healthcare organizations to share electronic health records (EHR) on any device by using Magic’s HL7 connector

Healthcare Interoperability

Ensure a 360-degree view of your patients’ critical records with round-the-clock availability to provide accurate and real-time responses for optimal patient care

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Achieve regulatory compliance by bridging a wide array of standards,  including HL7 and HIPAA, through Magic’s open standards approach to automation

Connect Disparate Systems for Healthcare Organizations

Give your patients the best possible care by making sure their records are up-to-date and available to all healthcare providers.

By integrating all of your systems and automating the flow of information, you’ll be able to provide personal and top-quality care to your patients. This is the case for any of your systems, including Patient Administration Systems (PAS), Electronic Practice Management (EPM) systems, and Laboratory Information Systems (LIS).

Magic Software can also make sure that your tech stack meets the largest possible variety of healthcare standards and regulatory compliance requirements, including HL7 and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) implementation.

healthcare data integration architecture
Magic can guarantee that your healthcare records are always up-to-date and available to all healthcare providers

Magic xpi for Healthcare Automation: Hospital Ortopédico de Palmas (IOP)

With the help of Magic xpi, Hospital Ortopédico de Palmas (IOP), received the Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM), stage 6, from the HIMSS – Health Information and Management Systems Society. The HIMSS is an international organization that encourages and standardizes adoption of Information Technology in the Health sector. This certification helps guarantee the efficient management of patient care through technological resources.

Centralized Integration Hub

IOP used Magic’s integration platform to integrate their diverse IT systems into a single interface under a unified management control via a graphical user interface.

In order to obtain certification, IOP promoted numerous improvements to ensure the integration of medical and laboratory information into the patients’ electronic health records (EHR).

Magic’s Integration Benefits

Magic helped the hospital increase system functionality, provide a more agile response to changing business processes, reduce process times, avoid process shutdowns, and made it far easier for the hospital to connect to new information systems as they become available.

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