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You can now easily create highly-responsive, single-page business apps powered by Angular to provide a rich user experience and meet the increasingly complex enterprise business expectations for digital transformation.

Magic + Angular

By working with Magic xpa to develop your Angular apps, you benefit from the best of both worlds: you define the business logic in Magic and develop the presentation using Angular code.

Great UX/UI

Easily create intuitive and modern screens for your apps without having to design the screens yourselves. Let Web designers handle the screens, freeing you up to do what you do best.

Large-Scale Apps

Large-scale apps that Angular has a hard time handling, are not a problem when working with Magic’s Web application framework. Even an SPA app with thousands of screens is easy with Magic.

The Stars Are Magically Aligned

It’s as if Magic had been waiting all of these years for a technology like Angular to come around so that Magic could best show off its development paradigm.

Magic has always been known for thinking outside the box and now Magic has done away with the box. This means that you can easily generate Angular code from your Magic xpa business logic, for both the back and the front end.

Create apps powered by Angular with a few easy steps

Magic Studio

Start by building your business logic, both for the back and front end, by selecting the Web Client task type. Because of the decoupling of the logic from the presentation, you don’t have to worry yet about the UX/ UI.

Magic Converter, angular project

Magic Converter

In the Magic Studio, with just a click of a button, you generate your Angular code using the Magic Converter, which is customizable by advanced users, and you also get a basic functioning user interface (UI).

Angular Project

In Angular, your code is now ready-to-use, but you can also add additional Angular code that is pure client-side logic using some Magic tags.


You can now take the HTML and CSS files that were created and, outside of Magic, you or a designer can update and design sleek and modern screens.

Product Overview

Magic xpa 4 Web Application Framework – Product Overview


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