Required to support automated data exchange with your business partners?
Want to reduce costs while increasing efficiency, accuracy and agility?
Have a federal requirement to submit e-invoices? Need automated invoice-order validation?

Magic B2B EDI service enables business processes digitalization and automation 

Magic EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) allows you to quickly migrate to digital engagement with your business partners, regardless of your position in the supply chain or role in the business process.

Suitable for your business

Say goodbye to oversized EDI solutions, high entry costs, long-term implementation processes, and expensive modifications.

Fast & Effective

Benefit from the immediate availability of preconfigured EDI partner profiles for digital connection to your customers

Cost Effective Architecture

Save deployment and maintenance costs with a one-to-many architecture built on modern software provides low-cost implementation and maintenance.

Connections Made Easy

Magic’s modern & flexible EDI Service Platform is the Magic xpi Integration Platform connection to outside systems. Your team uses xpi’s no-code integration methodology to define a single connection per business process – based on which the service links you to all your business partners – both present and future – without any additional work by you. With 100+ available certified xpi connectors to your internal business systems – such as SAP, Salesforce, SugarCRM and JD Edwards – and 10,000 EDI business partner connection profiles, B2B integration could not be easier.

State-of-the-art one-to-many vs one-to-one connections

Our one-to-many approach, powered by a harmonized data structure, uses a single connection per business process on your side regardless of how many connected partners you have, and the varying EDI standards they use. This immensely simplifies deployment and maintenance which significantly lowers both your setup and ongoing costs.

When using one-to-one connections, a dedicated connection is needed per business partner for each business process. Any changes needed to a business process must be made on all your connections. In addition, any modification of a partner’s connection requires changes on your end.

Magic’s one-to-many approach alleviates any integration work on your side when adding a new B2B partner to an existing business process. Your partner self-registers on the self-service onboarding portal and we do the rest.

Our one-to-many approach also de-couples your systems from most of the changes partners may make. If you need additional information in a business process, or if an EDI document standard changes – you make the change once only.

The system’s modern software architecture ensures that the one-to-many mapping is done quickly and at low cost to you and any incremental changes needed are painless.

A Range of Applications & Advantages

The service is an open Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) product that goes far beyond basic EDI functionality to offer a complete end-to-end solution for handling any EDI connection. Enabling the digital transformation of companies through intelligent platform services, it supports a wide range of applications and offers a series of important advantages, including:

Applications Advantages
  • Digitization & automation of the supply chain for all business processes
  • EDI / B2B networking with business partners
  • EAI / A2A integration into existing systems
  • E-invoicing & federal compliance worldwide
    Supplier management
  • Cross-document content validation
  • Just-in-sequence and logistics processing
    Marketplaces and online shops connectivity
  • Only one connection per business process needs to be defined to reach all partners and systems, saving setup and maintenance costs
  • Processes all formats and protocols
  • Cost savings through reuse existing connections and profiles
  • Harmonization of all messages and data
  • Powerful process automation using no-code Magic xpi integration tools
  • Certified integrations into thousands of enterprise systems
  • Cross-document content validation such as invoice-to-order comparison saves administration time, ensures accuracy and prevents revenue leakage
  • Self-service portals for new business partner self-registration

Use Cases

Order Management and Customer Interactions

  • Customers require their Suppliers and Service Providers to accept orders and provide all related updates via digital interfaces:
  • Many customers with diverse systems
  • Need to provide frequent updates from order acceptance to supply and delivery status to invoices
  • Cannot afford high setup costs

Magic EDI Service Platform connects you to all your customers with a single connection per business process. All interactions are digitalized with no need for regular manual business correspondence.

  • Connects to all current and potential customers using the same EDI connection.
  • No delays in receiving orders or providing invoices
  • Ensures information accuracy
  • Lower setup costs and pay-as-you-grow monthly fees

Supplier Management


Manufacturers, Retailers and eCommerce providers struggle to manage their complex supply chains:

  • Many suppliers with diverse tools
  • Require up-to-date information on supplies and inventory
  • Manual updates are labor intensive and error prone
  • Frequent updates to data and changes to processes
  • Need to check many invoices for accuracy

Magic EDI Service Platform automates supplier updates through standard EDI messages. Furthermore, a self-service portal allows suppliers to onboard themselves and keep processes up to date.

  • Data is automatically kept up to date in all systems
  • Works with all EDI messages and transport protocol
  • Certified connectors into ERP, CRM and other enterprise systems
  • End-to-end visibility into each EDI transaction
  • Time saved on checking invoices

Warehouse and Logistics


Commercial processes can be very involved with repetitive interactions. There is no room for errors and delays are not tolerated.

  • Need to support drop shipments from suppliers to customers
  • Current information is needed to allow printing labels and other tracking information
  • Requirements from freight service providers for dispatch management and delivery updates

Magic EDI Service Platform receives messages from distributor TMS systems and triggers automated processes across multiple systems: checking warehouse inventory, sending updates to freight services providers and automatically keeping the distributor updated.

  • Work with any underlying ERP system including Oracle JD Edwards, SAP, and Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Integrate with freight management systems to track packages from order to delivery
  • Provide automated updates across the entire supply chain

Regulatory Compliance


Companies are moving to e-invoicing and with that a growing number of Federal Tax Authorities mandate that e-invoices to be submitted:

  • Invoices must be submitted and approved by the tax authority
  • Requirements vary between countries

The invoice process supports submitting the invoice information regardless of difference between country format rules.

  • Enables regulatory compliance
  • Efficient invoicing process

Product Distribution


Suppliers must communicate quickly and accurately with distributors such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba or others. These suppliers require:

  • Standardized messages regardless of the supplier’s underlying platforms
  • Frequent updates with penalties for missing deadlines
  • Provide accurate invoices with no manual intervention

Magic EDI Service Platform automates bi- directional updates thus eliminating manual intervention. With connections to any underlying ERP, the process is simple to manage and keep up to date.

  • Work with any underlying ERP system including Oracle JD Edwards, SAP, and
    Microsoft Dynamics
  • Automatically trigger workflows on changes in real-time
  • Reduce costs and improve accuracy through complete automation

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