Black Holes in the Customer Journey

By Glenn Johnson, Senior Vice President at Magic Software Americas

Many companies have the goal of gaining a 360-degree view of their customer interactions. However, ERP users who have integrated CRM data to see the full picture think they have reached the summit only to discover that there are still further hills to climb.

Customer interactions are defined by more than just the CRM system. Transactions are sometimes processed in eCommerce, point-of-sale systems and even mobile order-entry apps. Work orders may be handled by field service, PLM (product lifecycle management) and other systems. Shipments to customers are tracked with warehouse management, transportation management and logistics systems. There is no shortage of business applications, cloud services and social media sites that touch your customers.

So how do you truly achieve a 360-degree customer solution? First of all it’s important to clarify why you want a full customer view. It’s not only about getting a 360-degree view of data, but also to capture a 360-degree view of the entire customer experience. The goal is to use all of the integrated data to surround customers with a quality experience that satisfies and delights them so they become raving fans.

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