Data protection and integration: Connected vehicles on a crash course

By Stephen Romeder, General Manager at Magic Software Europe

Europe is well on its way to experiencing the benefits of connected vehicles. Mercedes recently unveiled the F-015 self-driving luxury concept car. Not to be outdone, rival BMW successfully demonstrated an autonomous version of the M6 on a racetrack. Volvo, Audi, Renault, and Volkswagen all have similar prototypes.

While self-driving passenger cars have the amazing ability to reduce accidents, traffic and emissions, and increase fuel economy, autonomous trucks have the added benefit that they can significantly boost the bottom line for businesses. In addition to preventing accidents and reducing fuel consumption, connected vehicles can improve productivity for entire fleets. Even a small increase in efficiency can make a big difference. Transporting 18 billion tons of goods per year, trucks deliver 75% of all goods carried over land in Europe.

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