Godrej boosts customer satisfaction using innovative customer experience strategy

With a focus on enhancing customer experience, Godrej Properties adopted a comprehensive Customer Experience Transformation (CTX) strategy. The scope of the project encompassed all domains or departments of the organization, and aimed to bring dynamic data, marketing processes and value-added services to a unified decision supporting platform through iterative phases of customer acquisition, retention and cross selling.

In line with this strategy, the firm rolled out several initiatives. One part of this strategy included installing self-service kiosks, wherein interactive touch screens were installed at various sales offices to get information about projects, for conducting virtual tours of projects, buildings and flats. These kiosks were also integrated with CRM. The information entered by customers/ prospects in the kiosks was transferred to the CRM for lead generation.

Additionally, content rich mobile apps were rolled out for the sales teams. These apps captured information at source and uploaded it to the CRM. Interactive applications were developed for customers too. For example, customers could use the app to take a virtual journey of various projects via attractive galleries, videos, plans and walkthroughs that were regularly updated. By previewing apartments and the amenities showcased by the app, customers could visualize a perfect fit with their lifestyle requirements. For example, living spaces could be customized by arranging furniture and changing the color of walls in each room. To experience firsthand how their new home would appear, customers could also explore the location using a satellite map with several other important landmarks.

The IT team also developed a customized application with an objective to deliver “zero defect” product to customers. This was done by a snagging application, which has been designed for a process specific to the construction industry. The snagging process captures defects and takes necessary actions to ensure defect-free flats before possession or takeover.

The application also takes corrective action to ensure that these defects don’t recur in existing or future projects. It works as a knowledge management system, whereby any remedy or solution implemented can be measured by comparing outcomes across projects. The application has a built-in workflow wherein each snag being entered by a project manager on any mobile device or web client is directed to the sub-contractor responsible. By recording every action by every user, it builds an audit trail of each snag. The final handing over checklist is also managed through the application on a mobile device.

Simultaneously, a customer portal was also developed through which customers could monitor their case history, view project update pictures or videos and access their payment plans and account statements online. These customer-focused technology initiatives have led to an increase in customer conversion rate. This has resulted in additional sales in most of its projects, thereby releasing the capital employed and also improving overall cash flow situation for the organization.

Godrej has also been able to produce products with zero defect product delivery. For example, with the use of its BPM solution, the company has handed approximately 500 flats with zero defects with 99 percent customer satisfaction score. This is a drastic improvement from the earlier satisfaction score of 65 percent. With most of the services available online through the customer portal, Godrej has succeeded in eliminating ineffective and redundant communications. This has helped in saving 20 percent of related costs.

Increase in lead to customer conversion rate by 10-15 percent
Attributes 10 percent of increase in sales to new customer delight initiatives
30 percent reduction in printing costs of brochures, pamphlets, etc.
Integration of CRM and ERP systems has helped in reducing order processing cycle time by 25-30 percent

Find out more on the Godrej prodject: Magic xpi Integration Platform Chosen by Godrej Properties to Connect Its Salesforce.com and SAP Systems

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