Magic Software Enterprises: Leverages a Metadata-driven Approach to Allow Enterprises to Focus on Implementing their Business Processes Without Needing to Code or to Have Specialized Technical Knowledge

Today’s competitive environment requires enterprises to be highly efficient, innovative and easily adaptable in order to succeed. For example, most enterprises employ multiple IT systems, including ERP, CRM, Content Management, SCM, e Commerce, etc. By integrating their systems, enterprises can not only increase business productivity, operational efficiencies and innovation, but also gain a valuable 360 degree view of their customers and business.

Magic Software Enterprises (NASDAQ: MGIC), empowers organizations increase efficiences and create new value from their existing IT systems. The Magic xpi Integration Platform lets organizations create new workflows, automatic business processes and synchronize data across systems. Magic xpi makes it much easier to connect and modify business processes when compared to traditional point-to-point coding. The multi-channel Magic xpa Application Platform enables enterprises to leverage a single development effort to create applications for different operating systems and devices (desktops, tablets, smart phones), quickly and cost-effectively.

To read more, including an interview with Magic Software India’s Nitin Bhosle, follow this link.

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