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Every week as I read articles, press releases and news about HTML5 developments, I am struck by how divergent the views are about the role of HTML5 in the enterprise.  I really think your views depend on your background.  If you are a consumer oriented mobile app developer, native is the only way to go.  If you are an enterprise oriented developer, then HTML5 is great.  What do you think?
Now for the news…

Microsoft has announced that the Pulse news app is now available on the Web and built entirely from HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3.  The new Web app shows that “future-Web technologies are rapidly approaching a state where they can easily re-create native app experiences in the browser”.  Read Original Content

To ensure as many visitors as possible can access their website, the Consortium of Foundation Libraries has developed an HTML5 mobile site in addition to their Flash-based website.  (Seehttp://m.sophiaguevara.wix.com/html_cfl for a preview of the site.)  Read Original Content

ReelSEO provides a list and details about popular HTML5-capable video players and destination sites.  Read Original Content
Health crisis info and support site CaringBridge has launched a new interactive HTML5-based website which combines user-generated content with pre-designed video in order to create a new, custom video experience for each user.  Read OriginalContent
Magic Software’s UK Managing Director, David Akka doesn’t believe HTML5 is currently suited to enterprise mobile applications.  “There is a lot of hype around HTML. Although it has improved over the last 15 years, it is still highly dependent on web browsers – with all the implications of that.”  Read Original Content
DevCon5’s HTML5 Summit will be held October 3-5, 2012 in Austin, Texas this year in conjunction with ITEXPO.  Read Original Content
HotelTonight’s chief technology officer Christopher Bailey and EyeforTravel’s Ritesh Gupta discuss HTML5 technology for the travel industry in this article “HTML5: Hype or Hope?”.  Read Original Content
This HTML5 article by Jos Dirksen illustrates how to render open data based onto a 3D globe, walking the reader through an infographic.  Read Original Content
A new HTML5 website gives Nintendo fans the opportunity to play classic games on their iPhone browser; however, performance is an issue with some of the games.  Read OriginalContent
As of August 15th, Android will no longer offer Flash for Android devices, making way for HTML5 to take over video on mobile browsers.  Android users with Flash will continue to receive security updates, but that is the extent to which Adobe will continue to support the plug-in. Flash will no longer be available in the Google Play store.  Read Original Content
This tutorial details how to use the Mobile Photo Album JQuery plugin for developers to build JavaScript galleries for mobile devices.  Read Original Content
A recent report from BI Intelligence highlights the pros and cons of native apps and HTML5, giving HTML5 the advantage in distribution and cost, and native apps the advantage in features, user experience and monetization. BII believes that HTML5 will win for the future.  Read Original Content
appMobi is guaranteeing developers will make money creating HTML5 apps by
offering complete access to their development tools and cloud services and only charging for apps that are profitable.  Read Original Content

Kevin Benedict, Mobile Industry Analyst and Mobile Strategy Consultant

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