Our Partners


LOGOTEK, editor of the Full WEB UNIREST solution, is located in Toulouse, and operates throughout France but also abroad and in the French overseas

Onyx Informatique

Onyx Informatique is specialized in the design of custom software

Fast Developers s.l.

Fast Developers provides IT solutions to financial institutions

Master Computer Systems

Africa - Ivory Cost

TEKSMAR Communicazione



Syslife is a publisher and integrator of software solutions for distribution companies. Adexio, its procurement optimization software package for procurement, logistics, marketing and purchasing departments. Syslife has built a reputation for its superior solution capabilities and technology, as well as strong partnerships with customers.

Jo soft

JO Soft is a dynamic software company which provides consulting, analysis and software development services to companies. Close to its clients, JO Soft has the know-how to design, develop, install and maintain an information system. JO Soft is a high-level network of experience and synergies, continually interacting with new information technologies


For more than 25 years, MULTIMEDIA has been helping SMEs to win Hardware, Software, Cloud, Cybersecurity to accelerate productivity


EFFEPI Informatica srl is an Italian IT consulting firm with extensive experience in the development and implementation of standard and customized software applications. We offer comprehensive support to companies during the mechanization and modernisation phases


For more than 30 years, MOSAIC PARTNERS has been supporting its clients in their projects in various sectors: manufacturing, public administration, services, distribution, wines and spirits. Its two business lines, publisher/integrator and service provider, allow its teams to cover all the IT development needs of its clients

It solutions

IT-SOLUTIONS is committed to establishing and developing strong partnerships with a range of service providers and IT solutions for SMEs and enterprises. We work in synergy to offer customers the best services and products. In partnership with experts in your area, we support you, from analysing your needs to managing small or large projects


eFrexx is an individualized cloud solution for companies to find the best carrier for their transportation orders. With more than 20 years of experience in developing solutions for logistics and transportation, using eFrexx as a tendering platform for transportation services verifiable reduces freight costs in a significant range.


From its creation, Intrabases has established itself as a true specialist in data exchange and integration. The company also offers services in the form of Service Desk.  The technical DNA of our 40 confirmed consultants, present in Nantes and Paris, secure the quality of our commitments.