Mobile CxO Interview: Regev Yativ of Magic Software Enterprises

Innovi Mobile’s Dan DiMassa sat down virtually with CEO of Magic Software Enterprises Americas (NASDAQ:MGIC) for his thoughts on the MEAP market, and to see what their product did differently. Regev Yativ is CEO of Magic Software Enterprises Americas which is no stranger to the enterprise world. Magic has been around for 30 years and has been public since 1991.

Dan DiMassa: Thoughts on MEAP market? Magic Software’s differentiator?

Regev Yativ: We are different, because we are better – but I’m biased (chuckle).  You can develop in any mode or language. So HTML5, Native, Hybrid, etc. Where others I have researched have had one forced common code – Java, C#, so on.

“Ease of Deployment” is another differentiator says Regev, “It’s is very easy to move from one platform to another. Android to iOS for example”. Though, he does admit after converting it from one platform to another the code will need some tweaking. For example, as a result of the different features offered on each device, not all Android features are available on iOS and vice versa.

“Complex Integrations are made easy with Magic’s integration platform, Magic xpi. It is bundled into the mobile offering so that your developers don’t break their necks trying to connect to complex databases of back end systems”, says Regev.

Dan DiMassa: The app’s code – who owns it?

Regev Yativ: You! We provide the underlying tools and technologies and anything on top of that developed by you is yours.  An example we like to use is to pretend you are the artist, we provide the color palette. You can decide the drawing whether simple black and white or every color of the rainbow. But you own it.

Dan DiMassa: Target Market? Size of companies?

Regev Yativ: We have a much lower entrance point then others so a low entrance threshold. Also, we don’t scream MEAP, MEAP, MEAP from the roof top. Instead we relate to what business benefit you will get when using mobile apps and are here to facilitate that or solve challenges no matter the size big or small.

There are even free tools online, so you can experiment with Magic xpa technology without buying – great for startups or new developers.

Dan DiMassa: Top vertical markets you are in?

Regev Yativ: Manufacturing and Logistics is first, then FBI as we call it. Financial, Banking and Insurance. Followed up with healthcare industry.

Dan DiMassa: What platforms are our customers developing for?

Regev Yativ: iOS, Android, Blackberry. We are waiting on Windows a little longer for Microsoft roadmap before we roll out Windows Phone support.”

Dan DiMassa: Do you sell direct only to Enterprises or to app developers as well?

Regev Yativ: Absolutely,  to developers in software houses too, they are our favorite! We have thousands of partners worldwide. We have a partner program and want each developer to excel in their product. A great example is overseas software houses that come here specializing in one mobile platform. In America, there is no such thing as a have-to-use-blackberry or android. BYOD has taken over, the idea of developing an app for only one smartphone is now extinct.

Dan DiMassa: What drives this success?

This was the easiest question of the day for Mr.Yativ, where he very enthusiastically mentioned his teams and the pride they have. He couldn’t thank his staff enough.

Come check out Regev speak at the E2 Conf in Boston, June 17-19. Or visit their website at

By Regev Yativ, CEO of Magic Software Enterprises Americas.

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