Windows 8 may be one step too far

As Microsoft prepares to launch yet another version of its mobile OS, GoMobile News wonders whether this is one step too far. It certainly is ambitious. Windows 8 has been designed for use on mobile phones, tablets and PCs with the purpose of providing a common look and feel. A noble goal but what happens if the one-size-fits-all approach fails? Well, obviously the biggest loser is going to be Nokia which has more than bet its future on Microsoft’s mobile OS – when it could have stayed with Symbian; moved to MeeGo; or caved in and offered Android based smartphones. We have to wonder whether the same people who would naturally buy Nokia handsets are the same ones who would love to see the same interface on their PCs and tablets?

As David Akka, UK md with Magic Software, observes, “The stakes are high for Microsoft as it launches the Windows 8 – a huge departure from previous OS .”

“This big re-design means it looks as if Microsoft is banking on winning back share by capitalising on the consumerisation of IT, and shifting its focus from the enterprise to win the loyalty of the consumer market.”

“Such a move could alienate the existing generation of Microsoft devotees, especially in the enterprise where Microsoft will need to drive sales through legacy devices.”

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