How Zazen Water saves over $170,000 a Year by Automating their Sales Process with Magic xpi

Synopsis: Magic xpi solution has empowered Zazen water to significantly improve the sales process and back-office operations, resulting in over $250,000 annual savings. By automating the end-to-end online order processing, Magic xpi allows the Zazen team to serve their customers 24/7/365 through a low-touch self-service portal. 


Zazen Water was founded in 2007 in Australia, producing a line of Alkaline Water systems manufactured with Australian specifications in mind. Zazen water systems products are Alkaline water systems, shower filters, and replacement parts. 

The Problem: Too Many Manual Processes in Back End Operations Departments

Like many other companies with a CRM and an e-commerce integration, Zazen was slowed by manual, back-office processes that were causing inefficiencies, delays, and errors. 

Every order placed through the WooCommerce integration had to be manually pulled into SugarCRM. Additionally, once  products were ready, the delivery had to be scheduled manually via Australia Post. 

To make matters worse, since the process was entirely dependent on staff, no processing could happen over the weekends. As a result, there was a huge amount of work every Monday. And with only a staff of 8, this was a significant pain point. 

The Goals: 

Clearly a new model was needed. Something that would connect the CRM to WooCommerce, and streamline the entire ordering process. Zazen had 4 main objectives for this project:

  1. Improve efficiency and meet delivery deadlines by automating online orders
  2. Improve CRM and 3rd party data accuracy
  3. Stop using manpower for data entry and repetitive tasks
  4. Accomplish all of the above within 120 days, without IT specialists

The Solution: Automating the Sales Process End-to-End 

Zazen Water automated the end-to-end sales order process using Magic xpi to integrate core business systems: their  e-commerce portal (WooCommerce), CRM (SugarCRM), and delivery (Australia Post).

By automating online orders, Zazen was able to improve overall efficiency and meet daily delivery deadlines. According to Janet Parker, CEO and Co-Founder at Zazen, “After process automation, sales order gets replicated into SugarCRM, and delivery of products gets scheduled automatically on the Australia post portal. It saves valuable time and efforts of Zazen employees resulting in increased productivity, efficiency, and accuracy.”

Improved Accuracy and Data Integrity

By removing manual processes from the sales process, Zazen Water was able to improve data accuracy of information flowing into their CRM System and other 3rd party cloud-based systems. Enhanced data accuracy into the CRM system and other systems is an important component in the future growth of the company. “

“Magic products have paved the path for us to grow significantly / exponentially in the coming years. That is a big change for us.” says Janet. 

Together with magic xpi, Zazen Water has created a highly scalable solution allowing orders to be processed daily regardless of volume, meeting all internal and customer SLAs.

Over $170,000 Annual Savings Through Improved Productivity

By shifting staff responsibility away from data entry and towards more meaningful high-value tasks, overall employee experience has been improved dramatically, resulting in increased staff productivity and morale.

Zazen was able to re-allocate staff towards more productive tasks, which resulted in savings of over $80,500 per year, with forecasted savings over $170,000 over the next five years. Since the sales process during COVID -19 is now much less labor-intensive, Zazen has registered a 30% increase in quarterly sales using the Magic xpi Integration Platform.“The joint efforts of Magic and Zazen in going live with Phase I was a huge milestone for us. The professionalism shown by the Magic team in making the project possible was truly appreciated.” 

Improved Customer Experience

By streamlining sales operations, Zazen water is able to eliminate backlogs and delays. Since the sales process is fully automated and no longer dependent on business hours,  Zazen can now respond to customers 24/7.

Deployment in Only 120 days

Finally, Zazen was able to deploy the magic xpi solution without internal IT Specialists, within budget, and in only 120 days.

“As an SME, the use of Magic xpi technology provides us a scalable and robust strategic platform for our growth and competitive advantage through automation. The ability to integrate complex systems easily and rapidly without any internal technical expertise speaks for itself. It has helped us in transforming our company and fast-tracking it for future growth.” says Janet. 

Thanks to the success of Phase I of the automation project with Magic xpi, Zazen have decided to move forward with Phase II – shifting from WooCommerce to the Shopify eCommerce platform. The Magic team will continue to be an integral part of the process, developing a connector between Shopify and Xero accounting.

Magic xpi solution has empowered Zazen water to significantly improve the sales process, back-office operations, and customer experience. By automating the end-to-end online order processing, Magic xpi allows the Zazen team to serve their customers 24/7/365 through a low-touch self-service portal.  

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