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Support for 64-bit Server Engine

Magic xpa version 4.5 comes with a 64-bit server engine supported in background mode in order to take the utmost benefit of a 64-bit operating system. The following considerations are made with 64-bit server engine support:

During Studio product installation, the default selection for 64-bit engine support is according to the Operating System (OS). For 64-bit OS, both 32-bit and 64-bit xpa engines are installed. For 32-bit OS, only the 32-bit xpa engine is installed.

During Server product installation you can select between the  32-bit or 64-bit runtime engine.


Improve Git support

To overcome the limitations of PushOK Git and to enable you to work with Local and remote Git repositories, xpa integrated with TortoiseGit and works with repositories directly from the xpa studio interface.

Copy-Paste Logic Lines across Tasks

You can now copy and paste Logic, Data View, and Header lines across tasks located within the same program or outside it.

Long Names for Tasks, Programs, and Forms

You can enter Task Name, Program name, and Form name up to 100 characters.


Android: Migration to Android Jetpacks

The magic app now uses AndroidX for management of Android Support Library using Jetpacks.

Support of iOS 10

Magic xpa Rich Client Applications now support iOS 10 and above.

Android 64-bit Compliance

Magic xpa Android client is now 64-bit compliant.

Keeping the Device Awake

A property, Keep Awake, is provided for Rich Client Display forms to facilitate keeping the device awake. When the property is set to ‘True’ and when the current form is active, the device remains awake.

Runtime UI/UX:

Form Scaling

You can scale the client area of an active form of the type SDI, MDI, and child window during runtime to different sizes such as 200%, 300%, 400%, and 500% by using a combo box provided on the Status bar. You can set the flag SpecialFormScalingByDefault to ‘Y’ to set the value of the Allow Scaling property for all GUI Display forms in the project by default.

The Combo box on the Status Line provided for scaling the active form during Runtime also presents enhanced scaling options such as 110%, 120%, 130%, 140%, 150%, 175%, and 200%.

Scaling of GUI Frames Forms

Allow Scaling property which was previously present in GUI Display forms is also added for GUI Frames forms.

Freezing Table Columns

Now you can set the desired number of columns in a Table control to remain frozen while scrolling the Table horizontally. The frozen columns are marked by a dark grey-colored divider by default. You can choose a color to demarcate the frozen columns from the rest. When you save a task containing tables with frozen columns and reopen it, the frozen columns that you saved previouslyare retained.

Zoom Button for Edit Control

You can add a Zoom button […] next to the Edit control, which raises a Zoom event when clicked. You can also customize the Zoom button’s look and feel.

Autocomplete for Edit Control

You can autocomplete the text while typing, using a new property named Autocomplete Mode available for Edit control.

Auto Drop-down for Combo Box Control

You can make the Combo Box in focus drop-down automatically and view its items immediately using a new property Auto Drop-down.

Setting Color for Disabled Edit Control

You can set a color of your choice for the disabled Edit control.

Scrolling to the Desired Record

It is now possible to jump directly to the desired record using the Table scrollbar.


Native PostgreSQL Database Gateway

PostgreSQL database gateway is supported natively, which is compatible with PostgreSQL 11.5. You need to procure its license separately.

Support for Physical Locking in MySQL Gateway

Magic xpa now supports physical locking in MySQL gateway. The physical locking works with MySQL server version 8.0. It can be enabled using the flag SQL_PHYSICAL_LOCKING=Y.

Support Oracle 18 and 19

Magic xpa has been tested and is compatible to work with Oracle 18 and 19.

WITH Clause

You can use ‘WITH’ clause in Direct SQL statements.

Temporary SQLite Database Files

Now SQLite database also can be used as a Temporary database in the Environment setting ‘Database for Sort/Temporary’ under the Preferences tab.

Provision to Disconnect from SQLite Database

You can disable all the existing database connections to the SQLite database once the special flag SpecialPostRequestDBDisconnect is set to Y.


Provision of Workers Dynamically

The NumberOfWorkers element in the ProjectsStartup.xml file is now enhanced. According to this enhancement, the Server will create additional Workers .

Workers Pane

It is now easy for you to distinguish non-responsive workers from the workers busy executing long duration programs while using GS middleware. A pane is provided to display the workers of the selected server.


New Function DataViewToJSON()

Magic xpa introduces a new function DataViewToJSON() to return the data from program Data View to JSON format to be able to read it from Angular code.

Record Flush Event – Control Re-fetching from DB

An optional parameter named ‘Refetch Record’ is now added to the Internal Event ‘Record Flush’ to control whether the event will re-fetch the record from the database.

New Function UserRightGet()

A function named UserRightGet() is introduced to retrieve the rights of the logged-in user.

Support for TLS and SSL for Mail Functions over Java Framework

TLS and SSL mail functionality is supported only over Java framework. To enable you to choose among SSL, TLS, or Plain, a new argument named ‘protocol’ is introduced in MailConnect() function, which is regarded when MailFramework=J. The argument protocol can accept either of the three values: 0 (Plain), 1 (TLS), and 2 (SSL).

Mail functions of Magic xpa support Unicode arguments

Client-side Cache Clearing

A function named ClientClearCache() is introduced, which on passing a logical argument ‘True’ clears the local cache of Rich Client tasks immediately.

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