Thinking of Syncing? Business Process Automation Is What You Need

Don’t sink in your data! Sync your data and bring your integrations into the future with Magic’s enterprise application integration (EAI) solutions


No need to reinvent the wheel when there are so many available API-based systems. Just let Magic provide you with a doorway to a limitless number of technologies


Reduce the complexity of your organization’s technologies by using our Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) friendly integration platforms

Data Visibility

Integrate your systems, apps and devices to improve the visibility and availability of your business critical data, helping management make better informed decisions

Bring Your Apps Together with Application Integration

With the help of an EAI integration platform, each of your applications can continue to meet a specific need, while taking care of any issues with the compatibility or interoperability with other systems.

The challenges of dealing with multiple operating systems and formats as well as human errors because of manual data entry, are resolved. EAI optimizes data sharing, communication and collaboration between services by automating flows.


Link Your Systems with Magic xpi

Systems that serve various business requirements can work in synergy through the EAI integration platform, including CRM, ERP, SCM Logistics, Human Resource Management (HRMS), messaging, calendar, and more.

A solution like Magic xpi is essential for companies with remote locations and large numbers of employees, while also being ideal for smaller organizations to increase efficiency and productivity.

We’re always pleased to hear great feedback from our customers:

“To replace our previous ETL tool, we were looking for an easy-to-use, stable and cost-effective EAI tool that would be responsive to our growing application integration needs. Magic xpi Integration Platform’s high productivity and reliability proved to be perfectly suited to our requirements.”

Thierry Serra, IT FO/CRM Application Domain Leader for Europe at Suntory Beverage & Food Europe (Suntory Group division)

Magic’s Leading EAI Platforms

Magic xpi
Integration Platform

Enable your company to run more effectively with our code-free integration, business process automation and data synchronization solution.


Magic xpc Integration
Platform as a Service

Our 100% cloud-based platform empowers your company with fast, future-proof integrations and seamless workflow automation.


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“Magic xpi uses the same parts, same methodology, to connect to every system that we have.”