Streamlining Operations: How Facnor and Sparcraft Enhanced Their IT Agility with Magic Software


Facnor and Sparcraft, essential companies of the Wichard Group, have capitalized on Magic Software’s low code development platform for over two decades. Their continuous adaptation has enabled efficient automation of their marine business’s order and delivery management. This case study explores the challenges they faced, and the strategic solutions implemented to overcome them.

About the Companies

Facnor, established in 1981, leads globally in producing furling systems for pleasure boating. With a dedicated team of 25 and an extensive network of 170 dealers across 40 countries, Facnor exemplifies innovation and excellence. Sparcraft, since 1962, specializes in the design and manufacture of masts, booms, and rigs for sailing yachts, maintaining three production sites in France and boasting an annual output of 3,000 masts.

Strategic Business and Technological Goals

The primary objective of Facnor and Sparcraft was to enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction through streamlined processes and advanced technological integration. This required not only upgrading their IT systems but also reshaping their business workflows to be more responsive and adaptable to the changing needs of their global clientele. The aim was to reduce manual processes, minimize errors, and ensure that both companies could respond more swiftly and effectively to market demands and customer needs.

Challenges and Solutions

E-Commerce Integration: Facnor recently launched a B2B exclusive e-commerce platform to empower nautical craftsmen to independently manage their orders, showcasing 2,500 items for about a hundred dealers.

Mobile Application for Order Management: The transition from a basic Excel system to a sophisticated mobile application facilitated centralized order returns, enhancing efficiency and accessibility.

System Unification: Sparcraft faced the challenge of integrating two previously merged companies’ information systems to eliminate redundant processes like double-entry of orders and suppliers.

Technological Advancements and Results

Leveraging Magic Software’s xpa platform, Facnor and Sparcraft have redefined their ERP systems to suit dynamic business needs, including:

Internet of Things (IoT): Enabled by Magic xpa, the companies now integrate advanced IoT features for real-time product weighing and validation, significantly streamlining operations.

Seamless Information Flow: The robust IT infrastructure ensures flawless data transmission across platforms, improving responsiveness and decision-making.

The unification of Sparcraft’s information systems and the successful deployment of the e-commerce platform exemplify the significant IT enhancements achieved. These advancements have not only optimized daily operations but also fortified customer and subcontractor relationships through improved process automation.

“The close relationship and immediate support from Magic Software have been instrumental in our success. It’s more than just a service; it’s a partnership that empowers us to meet professional challenges confidently.”
Sébastien Gouhier, IT Manager at Facnor and Sparcraft


The strategic partnership with Magic Software has not only revolutionized Facnor and Sparcraft’s technological landscape but also profoundly influenced their business model and market position. By automating critical processes and enhancing data connectivity, the companies have not only achieved significant efficiencies but also gained flexibility to innovate and scale operations as market conditions evolve. The ability to respond rapidly to customer demands and manage complex supply chains with precision reflects a mature integration of technology into core business functions. This transformation has propelled Facnor and Sparcraft to new heights of operational excellence and customer engagement, setting a benchmark in the marine industry. The forward-looking approach adopted by the Wichard Group, facilitated by Magic Software’s solutions, illustrates a commitment to continuous improvement and adaptation, ensuring long-term sustainability and success in a competitive global marketplace.

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