Elevating Data Dynamics: Viparis’ Strategic Integration of Magic xpi


As a leading force in the convention and exhibition industry, Viparis, established in 2008, has distinguished itself as a dynamic and innovative site operator. This subsidiary of the Paris Ile-de-France Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield group boasts an extensive network of 12 sites, attracting over 10 million annual visitors. Viparis’ success is driven by its skilled team of 380 employees, who efficiently manage a significant portion of event space in both the Paris region and nationally.

The Challenge

Viparis’ commitment to operational excellence revolves around a real-time customer order management platform. Jonathan Bidoret, Director of Applications and Digital at Viparis, highlights the complexity of their operations: “Each order cascades through a series of related services: feedback to exhibitors, purchase of parking spaces, etc.” He emphasizes the critical importance of swift and reliable data circulation across multiple sites for the success of their deployment strategy.

The Solution

At the heart of Viparis’ strategy is the Magic xpi platform from Magic Software. This ERP solution plays a vital role in the efficient management and direction of data flows. Bidoret notes, “All the data flows through the Magic xpi platform, which for me is the ‘heart of the reactor’.” Magic xpi has been integral to Viparis’ operations since the company’s formation, underscoring its vital role in their success.


All the data flows through the Magic xpi platform, which for me is the ‘heart of the reactor’. All in all, the entire ecosystem runs on Magic xpi functional flows, whether in real time or off-line.
Jonathan Bidoret, Director of Applications and Digital at Viparis


Objectives and Implementation

The goal was to utilize Magic xpi to effectively manage diverse operational facets, including purchasing, accounting, and supply chain operations. This involved harnessing the platform’s capabilities for both real-time and offline data processing to meet the diverse needs of Viparis.


Implementing Magic xpi has markedly enhanced Viparis’ data handling capabilities. The platform’s proficiency in preventing data congestion and ensuring a constant flow of information is particularly valuable given the array of software applications and data types in use. The improved security, especially in API and Web Service integrations, plays a vital role in maintaining the integrity of data across Viparis’ distributed systems.

Review and Future Prospects

Viparis’ experience with Magic xpi has been exceptionally positive, marked by increases in operational simplicity, security, and fluidity of data. Future improvements focus on enhancing project monitoring and optimizing server performance, with developments like the Internal Memory Middleware (IMM) promising further advancements.


The case of Viparis eloquently demonstrates the transformative impact of Magic xpi in the complex data environments typical of the convention and exhibition industry. Magic Software, with its long-standing reputation for pioneering application development and integration, has been pivotal in optimizing Viparis’ business processes. This partnership underscores the strategic importance of effective data management in today’s diverse and dynamic operational contexts.

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